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Balance Stability Disc

  • OCCUPATIONAL HEAL & WELLBEING - A great accessory for occupations that involves prolonged sitting and kneeling, such as office jobs, mechanics, doctors, teachers, drivers etc. Help to improve blood circulation and spinal health.

  • WOBBLING & CUSHIONING - A moderate 33cm x 6.5cm size allows you to place it under your butt, feet, hands without any problem. Wobble your lower body while sitting on a chair to relax your lower back muscles.

  • CORE MUSCLE STRENGTH - Add a bit of challenge to your general workout with this pad by creating an unstable platform that fully engages your core muscle groups. Typical applications include abdominal curls, balance squat etc.

  • YOUR CHOICE OF INTENSITY - The METEOR Essential Balance Pad comes with moderately grooved circles on the front to offer a mild grip for most users. The back comes with solid dots that provide the ultimate massage effect for users who prefer stronger stimulation.

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