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The Memory Foam Footrest Cushion

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

It is official, our first product is here. We are very excited to release this versatile memory foam pillow and tell you all about its many functions.

Density matters - Goldilocks rule

For a footrest to do its job, you need the right density. If it is too soft, your feet will sink down to the ground, if it is too hard, you will not achieve ideal comfort for your feet.

We tried multiple different densities before arriving at the perfect one for our footrest cushion. First the cushion will feel firm on your feet and as your body heat activates the premium quality memory foam, your feet will start to somewhat sink in to the pillow and be perfectly cradled. When you reposition your feet the memory foam will bounce back into its original firmer shape and provide new support for the next foot position you choose.

The footrest position

Our memory foam cushion is great for providing ergonomic support while working at a desk, whether in the office, or from home. It also provides foot comfort when working from your couch. The non-skid bottom of the footrest will assure that the cushion stays in place.

You may flip the cushion over and use it to rock your feet back and forth for increased blood circulation, and this is also a good way to allow your feet and calves to stretch.

A word about ergonomics from our physical therapist Shawn:

Ideal desk ergonomics begin on the ground.
The feet must be supported so that the edge of the chair doesn't put pressure onto the nerves and blood vessels in the back of the legs. Adjusting the chair height, in combination with the foot rest height, you’ll want to achieve a 90 degree angle, which provides little pressure on the back of the calves or thighs. This then sets the stage for achieving optimal pelvic tilt (just slightly forward) and improved lumbar curve to reduce stress to the lumbar discs and sciatic nerve. When the desk height can be positioned so that the elbows are at a 90 degree angle, the arm, shoulder and neck musculature can relax, reducing stresses through the elbow, forearm, and wrists (carpal tunnel). From there, neck and upper back stress can be further reduced with computer monitor(s) set at a height where the top of the monitor is in line with your eyes.
Shawn P. Cooney

The knee rest position

One of my favorite uses for this cushion is the knee rest position. When I’ve got my legs up on the couch watching a show (or working late nights on the laptop) I place the cushion under my knees and it significantly reduces pressure on my hips. This also works for those who like to read (or watch TV) in bed. Raising up and resting your knees on this memory foam pillow will relieve stress and tightness in the hips.

Lumbar support position

If you find yourself sitting on the couch your body can benefit from this wonderful memory foam cushion by placing it in the small of your back. This naturally improves your lumbar curve and will tremendously improve lower back pain. As someone who has been struggling with low back pain for many years, I cannot recommend this pillow position enough!

Exercise bolster

Our multi-use cushion makes for a great yoga partner. Use it as a yoga bolster or to aid you in your stretching routine by placing it under your neck for upper spine stretches, and under your lower back for lumbar stretches.

Between the knees position

For those side sleepers out there, whether napping on the couch or needing hip pressure relief at night, you can use our favorite cushion by placing it between your knees.

We hope you enjoy the endless possibilities of our Urban Comfort USA Memory Foam Footrest Cushion. You can buy yours by clicking on 'Our Products' in the menu tab.

If you find other uses for our memory foam cushion, we would love to hear all about it. Please e-mail us at or subscribe using the 'Contact" tab on our website.

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