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  • ACHIEVE YOUR BEST SLEEP - If you suffer from insomnia our Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones will allow you to listen to soothing music or white noise while blocking out ambient sounds. Enjoy the blackout feature of this Bluetooth Headband for Sleeping while staying perfectly comfortable even when sleeping on your side. The hidden speakers do not touch your ears and are completely adjustable. Tune out snoring like never before!

  • NEXT LEVEL WORKOUT COMPANION - The comfort of your ears is very important. With our Blue Tooth Sports Band you will save your ears from pain and discomfort caused by traditional ear buds. Hear your music clearly yet still hear your surroundings i.e. traffic when you are running. Your new Headband Headphones will stay in place for all your favorite activities, Running, biking, hiking, jogging, yoga, home workouts, at the gym, yard work, and many more

  • ULTIMATE TRAVEL COMFORT - Our stylish wireless noise cancelling headphones are the perfect travel gadget for planes, trains, busses, or road trips. Protect against hearing loss! Our hidden speakers sit behind your ears, so you can listen to music or enjoy hands free calling without damaging your hearing

  • THE MOST VERSATILE GIFT FOR ALL AGES - Our Bluetooth Headphones are rated as one of the top tech gifts for men and women, and the best new technology gadgets of 2021. Our customers find these to be the best gift for adults, teens, and kids. Birthday, Anniversary, Mothers Day, Graduation, Fathers Day, Xmas, and more, we got you covered!


  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Customer Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority - If you aren't absolutely thrilled by our headphone headband, easily return it for a full refund. Our customer service team will gladly assist you with any questions

    Bluetooth Headband

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