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A story of comfort

Our mission is to provide products that decrease pains and aches, and maximize comfort for everyday living.

Our Company Finds Great Importance In:


Value: Our primary goal is to add value and enrich our customer’s lives 

Respect: Equality and dignity for ALL

Collaboration: Responding to the needs of our customers

Ethics: Striving to source products from global corporations that provide proprietary work environments and fair employee compensation

Customer Satisfaction: Providing an experience that exceeds all limits of service

Who is PDXtraordinary

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Meet paola

Paola Khemchan is the Co-founder and CEO of PDXtraordinary. She has worked in healthcare for 10 plus years and is dedicated to the supreme customer experience. 

Her patient population largely consists of the critically ill and she is highly passionate about body healing and restoring proper body functions.

As someone who struggled with chronic back pain for many years, Paola is familiar with the daily battle for restoration. Together with her Co-founder and fiance Shawn, she created a company that focuses on providing products that promote comfort and healing for people all around the world.

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Meet Shawn

Shawn P. Cooney is the Co-founder and physical therapy consultant of PDXtraordinary. He has been a board certified physical therapist for over 22 years with a focus on manual/manipulative therapy.

He is the owner of PDX Bodyworks Physical Therapy and treats patients of all ages for: acute or chronic conditions, including joint dysfunctions, muscle spasms, heightened inflammation, pain, stiffness or weakness, athletic related injuries, and motor vehicle accident injuries.

He is greatly passionate about educating and empowering his patients about proper body mechanics and understanding their role in healing.

He has spent countless years optimizing patient’s ergonomic needs and is dedicated to creating products for maximum patient comfort and quality of life.

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